Good Stuff Eatery is now Franchising.

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We hope to bring Good Stuff across the nation!

Good Stuff Eatery® was inspired by Cathy Mendelsohn's vision for a place where people can enjoy the nostalgia of eating the best of their American favorites: handcrafted burgers, handcut fries, handspun shakes and farm fresh salads made with the highest quality ingredients.

A little history

More than a’s an experience

The pilot store of Good Stuff Eatery® opened on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. in July 2008. This is a family operation - with Spike, Cathy, Harvey, Micheline, Suzie and Peter Polatos! After 3 generations of food being their life's work and passion, the Mendelsohns offer Americans their favorite foods made with delicious farm fresh ingredients, respecting our environment and sourcing products from the local farming community.

All of our delicious food is made in-house, using the highest quality ingredients, from recipes created by our talented chefs.

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Fresh Means Fresh

Good Stuff Eatery is all about farm fresh nutrition – it’s in our name. We make sure all our guests enjoy the “good stuff”, local and organic food cultivated by farmers and finished by our seasoned Chefs for you. We want to provide an exciting new culinary experiences through American’s favorite foods – handcrafted hamburgers, handcut fries and handspun shakes.

Our meat is a proprietary custom blend from the middle of America with all natural ingredients. Flavor and texture are our trusted guides when sourcing raw materials. Whenever possible, we buy local to support our community. Our Chef at each location makes sure the ruby red tomatoes meet our standard.

Every morning our custard is made fresh at each location using organic milk and eggs. We use our organic custard to spin the over 30 flavors of our delicious milkshakes. Toasted marshmallows, organic fresh strawberries, homemade pumpkin pie are among some of the flavors. We never use syrups or artificial enhancers.

We’ve sourced our potatoes from a 4th generation family of farmers. You’ll find a slight change in the potatoes with the seasons based on the crop but our fries are consistently good while keeping our commitment to our community. Our Mayo Dip Bar includes sriracha, chipotle, old bay or mango mixed in allow guests to really select their favorite flavor.

Good Stuff Franchises

Join us in delivering American favorites.

If you are interesting in being a part of our rapidly growing team, please email and we will send you more information.

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The Sunnyside Restaurant Group is the culinary braintrust behind Good Stuff Eatery. Learn about our other endeavors. See more